Alina Negurita


Alina is living with her father and sister in a 2-room social apartment. Her parents got divorced when the girls were little and now, the only one taking care of them is their father. The mother started a new life in a village near Bacau and she visits the girls only 2 or 3 times a year.

Around the age of 18, the doctors discovered that Alina and her sister suffer from the same condition. They couldn’t agree on a diagnostic, saying that it could be either something genetic or caused by stress. 10 years later, both of them are wearing walkers to do their daily routine in the house. It is even more difficult for them to manage by themselves in the outside world. The block of flats where they are currently living doesn’t have special access for people with disabilities, like many other buildings in the city. Every time they want to take a walk or go to the gym for recovery, they need to be carried by their father or friends.

Alina’s only income is the social welfare, aprox. 350 euro per month. Her biggest dream is to move by herself, as there are large differences between her and her sister’s personalities and they don’t get along very well. The BIG BUILD home, adapted to her special needs, is a dream come true and a unique opportunity to live an independent life.

Alina is a very smart girl, she loves reading and knows English very well – some of her volunteer work for BIG BUILD will be translating. She is an example for all of us, we are extremely impressed with her optimism and strength.