• The Community Resource Centre in Boldesti-Scaeni aims to become the most sustainable building in Europe;
  • The center will host activities for socially disadvantaged people in the community;
  • The project should serve as apartnership model in developing lasting relations between public authorities, local communities, private company and civil society representatives;
  • OMV Petrom initiative is supported by Boldesti-Scaeni City Hall, Center for Sustainable Built Environment (CSBE), Habitat for Humanity Romania and Roma Center “Amare Romentza“;
  • The amount invested in CERC is 340,000 Euros;

The center is designed to host educational and social projects financed by OMV Petrom and implemented with Roma Center “Amare Romentza”. Since 2012, the NGO is actively involved in the community life of Boldesti-Scaeni with programs like “school after school” dedicated to children from disadvantaged families, mentoring programs for their parents and other intercultural activities which aim helping the locals to study basic education.

One of its strengths is the selection of the materials used: whether they were traditional ones such as straw bales used for insulation of walls, roof shingles and clay plaster, or were some innovative materials like permeable concrete or foundation on metal screws, are all elements that contribute to the uniqueness of the building.

The building operates in a independent manner of the public utility main. The center will supply drinking water taken from a 6 meter depth well, and rainwater will be collected and used for toilets. Waste water will be treated and turned into fertilizer, thus completing the water cycle. The electricity will come from 45 solar panels and the heat will be provided by radiant panels.

After the first year, the building aims to become certified by the most rigorous international standard in sustainable construction: Living Building Challenge. The CERC building from Boldesti Scaeni could become one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe.


“Building’s distinctiveness was a challenge for us. It is the first time we build a construction of this type, one which follows the 2 most important sustainability principles in construction field:  Passive  House & Living Building Challenge. The complexity of this project requested a very rigourous site set-up and a very detaild selection of the used materials, in order to obtain all necessary parameters for this construction type.

It was a very diffcult project but we are extremly proud of the outcome”.

Ionut Cioloș, Project Manager Habitat for Humanity România


Boldești – Scaeni presentation movie  CERC 

The construction:

  • 350 days lasted the construction of Boldesti-Scaeni CERC building.
  • 80 volunteers (including media representatives, people in the community, OMV Petrom employees and volunteers from US) participated at the construction of the CERC building between July 10th, 2014 – May 2015
  • More than 1,000 volunteering hours spent on site
  • 2,000 bales of straw
  • 20,000 pieces of roof shingle
  • 3 tons of clay
  • 135 square meters of pervious concrete, which allows water through