Complex of services of social professional integration for vulnerable persons at Medias


The association Phoenix-Speranta obtained a financing of 1,093,193 Euros from the Velux Foundations in order to set up a Complex of social services for vulnerable adults. The partners in the project are: on behalf of the town-Hall Medias, The Social Assistance Department, and Habitat for Humanity, an NGO having as mission the eradication of poor living conditions. Both, The Town –Hall Medias and Habitat for Humanity have an important contribution, not only in work and knowledge, but also in money: Euro 200 000 the Town-Hall and 100 000.

The Velux Foundations include two nonprofit organizations: Villum Fonden and Velux Fonden. Among the areas financed through grant programs there are: sciences, environment, the social and cultural field in Denmark and abroad. In 2014 the two foundations granted common financing of about Euro 150 million for nonprofit projects.

Both foundations were founded by Villum Kann Rasmussen, the founder of Velux and other companies from the VKR Group whose mission is to bring light, fresh air and a better living environment for the people.

The project will be implemented over a period of 30 months, starting in April 2016 until September 2018 and has as main objective to create chance for a normal, independent life for youngsters up to 25 years old, those who are exposed to rejection as a result of lack of schooling, extreme poverty, Roma ethnicity, disability or one parent families.

The project provides a model of social intervention that combines efficiently governmental social assistance with innovative non-governmental experience.

This model of intervention deals with the following key activities:

  • assessment of work capacity and/or necessity of training
  • counselling on particular issue
  • mediation in order to find a suitable work place (in the sheltered unit, in the social economy structure or on the open labor market)
  • training for an independent life (how to maintain the work place and autonomous living)


Applying this model supposes building and rehabilitate two entities:

  • a structure of social economy
  • a block of flats

The major goal is to offer training for work and living without social assistance.

The target group consists of 200 young people selected from the database of the Social Assistance Department out of which, at the finalization of the project, about half will be able to live without welfare.

“The number of vulnerable youngsters reintegrated, the main performance indicator of the project, shows our belief that each person should be aided in such a way that he/she, even partially, can take the responsibility of his/her own life; each must be stimulated to want to be an active member of the community, having the right to get support, but also the obligation to offer society whatever he/she can. The equation individual-society is one of participation from both sides.

The Association Phoenix-Speranta is very proud obtaining the grant from the Velux Foundation, who offer not only money but also an extraordinary example of European social responsibility aimed at the areas showing imbalance of all kind, which affects the great values of humanity: democracy, freedom and even the conquests of civilization.” Maria Ioana Stanescu, manager of the project.