Dedeman – lead partner at BIG BUILD 2015


Dedeman became lead partner at BIG BUILD, an impressive event of accelerated construction, volunteering and communication of the living conditions in Romania, that Habitat for Humanity is organizing every year to celebrate “World Habitat Day”.

Between 5 and 9 October, eight families with low incomes from Bacau will see in only five days how their lifetime dream of having their own house comes true. Habitat for Humanity Romania, with 200 international volunteer, Romanian corporate and personalities will build 8 houses in only 5 days.


Dedeman supports Habitat for Humanity’s mission to eradicate poverty housing, since 2005, through important donation in products and money.
“Every day we offer to our clients the best solutions for building, renovation or arranging the house. But, there are also families in need, which don’t have and can’t afford to build their own house, a place to call it “home”. That’s why we joined Habitat for Humanity to help 8 families from Bacau to discover the comfort and safety of a house”, said Dragos Pavel, president Dedeman.


“The most important things in a people’s life happen at home. Here we receive the care and love when we are young, education and values that will guide us through life, here we learn respect for our fellows and are happy with the dear ones. With Dedeman we are a step closer to our dream:every family has a decent house to live in. In the name of the eight families that will finally have a house, we thank Dedeman forthe generous contribution to BIG BUILD”, said Mario DeMezzo National Director Habitat for Humanity Romania.

The families which will benefit of new houses in Bacau must be in need of a decent house,  work a number of hours on their own house and return to Habitat for Humanity Romania the cost of the house at the building materials price, for a period of 20 years at no interest. Habitat for Humanity system, developed in 39 years in 70 countries all over the world, empowers beneficiary families and provides funds for the construction of new houses for families in need.