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A decent home can break the cycle of poverty. We strongly believe it since 1976, as we work for our vision: a world where every man, woman or child is entitled to a simple, decent and affordable place, to live in safety and dignity. With our support, more than 4 million people from more than 90 countries have a better place to live, a new or a rehabilitated home.We are a nonprofit ecumenical Christian association that works with all the people, independent of their social or economical status, in partnership, to reach the goal of eradicating substandard housing.

Habitat International

The organization was founded in 1976 in USA by Millard and Linda Fuller and it revolutionized worldwide the concepts of social habitation, volunteering and the social involvement of local communities. More than 70 countries from United States and Canada, Latin America and Caraibe, Africa and Middle East, Central Europe and Asia, Asia and Pacific benefit in this moment from the support of Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity Romania

In the mid 1990’s, in the small town of Beius, Bihor county, the idea and the concept of Habitat for Humanity started to be implicated in Romania. Romania was the 50th country in the Habitat for Humanity’s world.

In the field of social habitation, Habitat for Humanity has become the largest non-governmental organization in the world, with the mission to eradicate substandard housing and homelessness. We were able so far, through our affiliates in Romania, to help more than 19000 people to have a simple, decent and affordable home, through the construction of new houses and rehabilitations, and other 45000 people through our disaster risk reduction and response programs.


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