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Habitat beneficiaries

familia Halichia

Halichia Family

Nadia (28 years old) and George (28 years old) are struggling to offer their little boy, Alexis (one year old), ...
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Popa family

Marius and Margareta are living in a family dorm with their children, Denisa and Stephen. All they have is a room and they ...
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Hongu Family

Another impressive story is Elena’s. She is living with her husband and her 4 year old son, Darius, in a 20 ...
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Alina Negurita

Alina is living with her father and sister in a 2-room social apartment. Her parents got divorced when the girls ...
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Mara Matei

Mara Matei

Everything can change in one day. Mara Matei got married when she was only 19 years old. At first, she and ...
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Coca Family

Since they got married in 2006, Răzvan and Maria have been living in Razvan’s mother apartment. The apartment has 44 square ...
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Mocanu Family

Bogdan (34) could never imagine that his own parents would make his life so miserable. After paying rent for a ...
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Aroboaie Family

Gheorghiță works in the construction filed, Alina is a garment worker and they are the parents of two children. Since ...
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Simion Family

The young Simion family (Dragoș  - 29, Mihaela - 26 and their two children, Liviu - 4 and David – ...
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Neacșu Family

Neacșu family has six members – father, Nicușor (46), mother, Lenuța (47) and their four children – Andrei (17) Adela ...
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Sandulachi Family

Ionel (37) and Elena (34) are living with their three children – Andru (11), Denis (10), Dragos (3) in grandmother’s ...
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Manciu Family

Alexandru (27) and Roxana (26) are living together with their son (9) and daughter (5)  in the grandparents’ house. Two ...
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