Wood house

Habitat for Humanity, organizație cu misiunea de a elimina locuirea sărăcăcioasă, construiește de 19 ani în România case simple, decente și accesibile pentru familii cu venituri mici.

Casele Habitat for Humanity România sunt construite preponderent pe structuri ușoare de lemn, după modelul american Habitat. Din 1997 și până astăzi, organizația a construit în România peste 400 de case folosind acest tip de construcție, simplu și eficient.


Wood is a construction material with which people with no experience can work easily. Over 2,500 international and Romanian corporate volunteers, help every year Habitat for Humanity Romania on building houses. The volunteers are building under careful supervision of Habitat for Humanity specialists that guides them step by step.

Beyond the handling, using wooden structure in building a house has many other advantages:·

  • The quickness with which the house can be build. After the foundation is dried, a house on wooden structure of 55-60 m2 can be build in five days, by a team of  20-25 persons. ·
  • The wood house is warmer. The wood is a material which insulates very well. Between OSB layers which are mounted on wooden ruler can be put different insulating material like mineral wool, polystyrene, polyurethane foam or cellulose that aloud obtaining a better thermal and energetic performance.·
  • On the other side it saves more space. The wood walls are two times thinner than the ones from brick or AAC.·
  • Wood houses are stronger in case of an earthquake. The wood is an elastic material, and because of the blending way of the structural elements the seismic movements are retrieved no matter what the propagation direction is. A wooden structure house can resist to an earthquake up to 8 degrees on the Richter scale.·
  • Wooden structure houses are cheaper than the houses build on other structures. The cost for an wooden structure is 20.000 de euro (50-60m2)·
  • Wooden structure houses are not more predisposed to fire, if the wood structure is treated and there are used fire resistant materials. On the other side, in case of fire, at the wooden structure houses it is replaced only the affected part.·
  • It offers an ecological environment if are used as many natural materials, a benefic thing for the natural psyche and biorhythm of the human body.




  • Wooden structure houses do not resist in time like the houses on other structure. However, they can resist longer with good maintenance – ventilation, heating, cleaning, and proper use of sanitary installation. In this case the user makes the difference.
  • These houses are not as good soundproofing as the brick structure or AAC structure. The soundproofing of a wood house grows as long as the blend between wood panels is correctly made. As well, it can be used sound-absorbent materials; the mineral wool can be doubled between the partition walls.

The lack of popularity for this type of constructions.  In contrast with the north countries, Canada and USA, Romanians are skeptical when it comes to wooden structure houses. A lot of people think that a wood house is good only as a mountain cabin and not as a permanent house.

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