Habitat for Humanity Romania launches the fundraising campaign Donate for HOME


Habitat for Humanity Romania launches the fundraising campaign Donate for HOME to help families that live in poverty. You are able to donate 2 euros through SMS at 8836, from April 2, 2015 to April 30, 2015.

The housing situation in Romania is one of the most difficult of European countries. 58% of Romanians are living in overcrowded homes, with parents or relatives (while the EU average is 17.8%) and over 41% of the population does not have running water and toilets in the house (while the EU average is 3.1%), according to Eurobarometer 2011.

After a childhood in orphanages and on the streets, Elizabeth will have a new home for her family

One of the families that are helped by the campaign Donate for HOME is Dumse family from Bihor. Elisabeta Dumse had a hard life since she was born. By the age of 18 she lived in a foster care and after that she was sleeping on the streets. She managed, however, to find a job and start a family.

Together with her husband and their twin boys, Elizabeth lives in a house in which we could hardly imagine that there is a living family. They have no floor, and a rusty tin stove is also the table where they eat. Both parents and children sleep on beds of straws and you can feel the cold that blows inside the house through the windows and the door.

In this house Elisabeta and her husband raised their twins boys. The boys are 14 years old and one of them wants to be a carpenter and the other a mechanic.

Because is life-threatening, the house where they live now will be demolished. With the help of Beius affiliate, Habitat for Humanity Romania will build, helped by foreign and Romanian corporate volunteers, a simple, decent and affordable house where Dumse family can live.

Donations for Dumse family, but also for other families in need, can be made through SMS at 8836(2 euros) from April 2, 2015 to April 30, 2015 or you can donate in the Association Habitat for Humanity Romania account, RO25 BRDE 050S V150 1751 0500, opened at BRD Oradea. For donations of building materials or if you want to get involved as a volunteer, please call Iolanda Burtea at 0731.039.103.