Students in Germany have recycled plastic bottles to help families from Cumpana to have a decent house


23 high school students in Germany work on Habitat for Humanity construction site in Cumpana to help four low-income families to fulfill their dream of a lifetime: to have a decent house. Between 22 and 26 March, high school students will work at installing plasterboards donated by Siniat.

High school students from the International School of Düsseldorf, raised the necessary funds to cover the travel costs to Cumpana, and a donation that will help build the houses. Stephanie Dekkers, one of the students says that she and her colleagues have recycled hundreds of plastic bottles. For each bottle, the German collection center provided 25 cents. “Fundraising was one of the things that we loved about this project and we were looking forward to this trip. I was glad to organize various events together with my colleagues and I learned a lot. “

To raise funds, students have organized a dance show, where they invited friends, parents and teachers. Some parents have donated drinks and cakes, which were later sold to participants. Teachers have inspired the students to work as volunteers on Habitat for Humanity construction sites. “The school gives us the opportunity to get involved in Habitat for Humanity projects in several countries, which for us is a great learning opportunity. My older sister was a volunteer in Romania two years ago, and the things he told me impressed me very much and made me want to come here. ” says Marina Dekkers.

Before arriving on site, the volunteers enjoyed a tour of Bucharest, and on Sunday they will visit Peles and Bran. Through the project “Building for the Future”, developed in partnership with the City Hall of Cumpana, Habitat for Humanity Romania will build 12 housing in quadruplex system by 2018.

Habitat for Humanity operates in Constanta County from 2006 through the construction and renovation of housing for low-income families.