The Gal family


Mihai, age 34, and Nicoleta, age 31, are married for 12 years now and they have a happy life, well almost happy, because they don’t have a home they can call their own.

After getting married they lived for a while with Mihai’s parents, but the conditions there weren’t exactly what a young family wishes for. They lived there for a while, but when their son Robert-Ionut was born in 2005, they decided it’s time to search for peace somewhere else and they decided to work abroad, to save money for a house.
Mihai worked a lot during the four years they lived in Portugal, but the financial crisis prevented them from saving enough money. Nicoleta couldn’t work because she was taking care of Robert and little Jessica-Stefania (born in 2008).

They decided to come back to Romania and lived in Nicoleta’s parents’ house for a while, where it’s pretty crowded. They didn’t take into consideration expanding the house, because Nicoleta has two brothers which are claiming ownership on the parents’ house too.
The children are still very young and share a bed, but the parents have higher hopes for them. They found out about Habitat for Humanity Romania and applied for a home and now they come and work on the building site with hope of finally settling in their own home.

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