The Mihaila Family


Nicoleta and Dan Mihaila met 11 years ago and married, hoping for a peaceful life together. They started saving money and dreamt of a home of their own.

In 2005 their son, Robert, was born, but after only four months their joy turned into sadness when he was diagnosed with a rare blood disease requiring blood transfusions every 2-3 weeks. Robert’s only chance to survive was an expensive stem cell transplant in Rome, Italy. After intense efforts the transplant was made, but Robert’s health problems didn’t end there. He developed another disease of the immune system and he needs special care – a separate room where everything is sterile.

All of the Mihailas’ life savings went on expensive treatments and medical care, but they didn’t lose hope of having a home of their own. Their financial situation and Robert’s health needs have turned their dream of having a home of their own into a dire necessity. Nicoleta, Dan, Alexandru Gabriel (Nicoleta’s son from her previous marriage) and Robert are living in a rented one-room apartment of just 18 square meters.