Sandulachi Family


Ionel (37) and Elena (34) are living with their three children – Andru (11), Denis (10), Dragos (3) in grandmother’s tiny apartment of 38 square meters.

Ionel is a plumber and because their income was very modest, Elena decided to go to work as housemaid in Germany, hoping to cover some debts and to save some money for a home of their own.

Since they got married, Ionel and Elena have been living with his mother, this being the only solution that allowed them to cover the basics for their daily life. The grandmother is sleeping in one room with one grandchild, while the parents and the other two children are in the other room. The Sandulache family cannot remember when was the last time they had a family dinner, since their kitchen is so small that it cannot even accommodate a table.

We were desperate, the children are growing up and we need more privacy and space, Ionel says.