Habitat for Humanity Romania ‘Big Build’ postponed due to regulation changes and approval delays


Habitat for Humanity Romania regrets to announce the postponing of its Big Build Project which it planned on holding October 3-7, 2016 in Bacău (Cartier Izvoare). The project, which aimed at helping 40 families in five days to have a decent home, would have used 800 volunteers coming from the US, Canada, Western Europe, Asia and Romania. The project will be rescheduled when final approval is given by local government officials.

Please be assured of our deepest commitment to the 40 families. Habitat Romania will channel its efforts to ensure the families have a decent home in the shortest time possible. Nevertheless, Kaufland reinforced its unconditional support by offering to cover the rent for all the 40 families until their new homes are finished.

“We are deeply saddened that we will not be able to provide 40 families with a home at this time. At the same time, we are grateful for the support showed by our partners. Kaufland immediately offered a living solution for these families,” said Gabriel Pascal, interim director of Habitat for Humanity Romania.

“The project will not go forward at this time, but we will re-apply and proceed with construction as soon as the necessary authorization has finally been granted. All of us in Romania and across the region will work with the local authorities to ensure we can construct the homes that are so desperately needed in Bacău.”

Working in partnership with the municipal government, Habitat Romania had believed it had met all of the legal obligations on time, but recent municipal and legislative changes have made it impossible for the project to proceed. Having been given permission to proceed in February 2016, Habitat Romania hoped the previously unused industrial land the municipal government had offered to Habitat Romania would be duly reclassified for residential use. However, the need to meet new, more stringent regulations concerning home construction and unexpected delays at the municipal level have put the project on hold until all approvals are granted.