Habitat for Humanity announces the start of the selection process of four families in need of a home in Ploiesti


Habitat for Humanity Romania, in partnership with the Timken Foundation and the Local Council of the County Ploiesti, announces the start of the selection process of four families which will move into a new, simple, decent and affordable home in Ploiesti.
Through the project “Building together for the community”, the organization is building two quadruplex houses in Ploiesti between 2015 and 2017. For the first quadruplex, over 300 international and corporate voluntaries were involved and the building will be finished in April 2016. See the selected families.

Construction of the next four homes will start in Spring and they will be ready in June 2017. For the four homes, following families will be eligible:

(1) Those in need of a home

(2) Those who have the possibility of paying a monthly rate, without interest, without profit on our side. The monthly income of the families must be between 1.500 – 2.500 RON/family. The selling price for a home built by Habitat for Humanity Romania is 110.000,00 RON + 10% and will be paid in 20 years by the family which is moving in the house.

The beneficiaries thus become donors to Habitat for Humanity Romania. That money goes to a fund, called Fund for Humanity, from which other houses are renovated or built. This way, a family which owns a Habitat for Humanity house is helping another family in need to have a decent place to live in.

(3) Those who have the availability to volunteer on the Habitat for Humanity Romania building site. The concept of voluntary work, also called sweat-equity all over the world, does not represent a fee paid for the house, but it shows that the family is willing to involve, next to international and Romanian corporate volunteers, in the process of eradicating poor housing conditions. For the houses from Ploiesti, located in Draganesti Street 79, the families will have to work up to 1,500 hours as volunteers, from which at least 100 hours of work in the pre-selection phase.

To apply, following filled out forms are required:

  • Annex 1 – Request to be taken into consideration
  • Annex 2 – Request for a house

The two documents can be found at the Information Bureau from the Direction of Patrimony Management – Ploiesti, Emile Zolla Street 8, main entry from the Central Hall or they can be downloaded from the Habitat for Humanity Romania website, www.habitat.ro, http://habitat.ro/en/programe/hab/8-case-in-ploiesti/.

The forms need to be filled out and sent to Naum Ramniceanu Street 45 A, 1st floor, apartment 3, ZIP 011616 – Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania, with the note “Application for house in Ploiesti”.

Who is selecting the partner families?
The selection of the partner families Habitat for Humanity Romania is done by a committee made up from volunteers from the communities in which the organization is working in. These volunteers can be represented by local partners, sponsors, actual beneficiaries, and other people from the community. The selection committee is independent of Habitat for Humanity and it is forwarding the proposals with the eligible families.

Habitat for Humanity is active in Prahova County since 2009, through building and renovating homes for disadvantaged families, intervention and repair of heating systems in order to reduce risk of fire and the construction of an independent energetic community center.

The Timken Foundation is one of the most devoted Habitat for Humanity partners in Prahova. Starting 2011, the Timken Foundation has helped over 150 children and parents to have a decent place to live in.

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