Habitat for Humanity Romania is building 40 houses in just 5 days – Families with low income can apply for a home in Bacau


Habitat for Humanity Romania is building 40 homes in just 5 days in Bacau, to celebrate World Habitat Day and 40 years of Habitat for Humanity International. Between the 3rd and 7th of October, 800 volunteers from 15 countries (USA, Canada, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, etc.) and Romanian companies will build in Bacau 40 houses. 1,200 volunteers will work in pre-event, pouring the foundations and setting the site.

The beneficiary families will work together with the volunteers at building their own houses. On the first day, on the site, we will only find the foundations, and after 5 days of building, the families will receive the keys of the house.

It will be the biggest construction and volunteering event ever done in Europe. The record is owned by Habitat for Humanity Romania – in 2007, the organization celebrated its entry in the European Union through the construction of 27 houses, one for each member country at the time, along with 600 volunteers.

Through this project, Habitat for Humanity continues to support low income families in Bacau. Last year, the organization built through an accelerated build, 8 houses, together with 250 international and Romanian volunteers.


  • Families with low income can apply for a house in Bacau until April 20th 

For the 40 houses that will be build in 5 days, are eligible families:

(1) Those in need of a home

(2) Those who have the possibility of paying a monthly rate, without interest, without profit on our side. The monthly income of the families must be between 2,000 – 3,000 RON/family. The selling price for a home built by Habitat for Humanity Romania is 100.000,00 RON and will be paid in 20 years by the family which is moving in the house.

The beneficiaries thus become donors to Habitat for Humanity Romania. That money goes to a fund, called Fund for Humanity, from which other houses are renovated or built. This way, a family which owns a Habitat for Humanity house is helping another family in need to have a decent place to live in.

(3) Those who have the availability to volunteer on the Habitat for Humanity Romania building site. The concept of voluntary work, also called sweat-equity all over the world, does not represent a fee paid for the house, but it shows that the family is willing to involve, next to international and Romanian corporate volunteers, in the process of eradicating poor housing conditions. For the houses from Bacau, located in Izvoare neighborhood, the families will have to work up to 1,000 hours as volunteers, from which at least 24 hours of work in the pre-selection phase.


To apply, following filled out forms are required:

  • Annex 1 – Request to be taken into consideration
  • Annex 2 – Request for a house

The two documents can be found at the Site, Izvoare street – Bacau, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 10 and 5 PM, or the Habitat for Humanity Comanesti (14 Combinatului Street), or they can be downloaded from the Habitat for Humanity Romania website, www.habitat.ro, http://www.habitat.ro/big-build-2016/

The forms need to be filled out and sent to Habitat for Humanity Comanesti (14 Combinatului Street), or through fax at 0334819574 with the note “Application for house in Bacau” or at the site in Izvoare Street, Bacau Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 10 and 5 PM.

For more details, please contact: Ana Gură, 0751. 204.454.

Who is selecting the partner families?
The selection of the partner families Habitat for Humanity Romania is done by a committee made up from volunteers from the communities in which the organization is working in. These volunteers can be represented by local partners, sponsors, actual beneficiaries, and other people from the community. The selection committee is independent of Habitat for Humanity and it is forwarding the proposals with the eligible families.