Mario DeMezzo: At home at the end of the day


My day is starting very early. Mornings are for answering mails and urgent matters, I’m consulting my colleagues, guide them through their tasks, answer the requests from the regional office, I’m having phone calls and meetings with our partners and potential sponsors.

I know it looks a lot like your day. And I also know that at the day’s end we both arrive HOME. To the kids waiting to do the homework together, to the life partner who already prepared the dinner, to the living room which we decorated with love.

In the evening, when I sit down on the couch I know that all of my and my colleagues’ efforts DID matter. And that slowly, more and more parents will be able to feel the same as we do, that we are offering our families a home in which they are safe.

We need your support. Help us to offer a HOME to 8 families with low income in Bacau. Between 5 and 9 October, we will be celebrating World Habitat Day through a special event: BIG BUILD. In only 5 days we will build 8 houses, together with international volunteers, local corporate teams and personalities.

Get involved! We still need 80,000 euros and plenty of volunteers.

Sincerely yours,

Mario DeMezzo

Executive Director Habitat for Humanity Romania.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.