Single mom struggles to offer her twins a decent living


It’s past 10 o’clock at night.  The light from the corner shop at the end of the street is turned off and the steel shutters are loudly pulled down. Madalina, who is 28 years old, ends her 12-hour work shift and rushes home. She needs to do the laundry, cook for her twins, and clean the house. She hopes to catch a few hours of sleep too, since she starts work at 6 o’clock next morning.

When Madalina met the father of her two children, Robert and Alessia, she didn’t expect her life to turn out like it did. The joy of a new life together with her husband and the twins crumbled quickly. The girl, Alessia, was born with a serious disability and needs constant care. When the man with whom she thought she would spend the rest of her life found out about Alessia’s illness, he left her and Madalina became a single mom with two small children to raise.

Madalina found comfort and support with her mother, who took her and the twins to live in her apartment. Alessia needs to do therapy at home, in a room that fits her needs. The apartment in which they live now has only two rooms, which they have to share with Madalina’s sister.

Madalina’s biggest dream is to have her own home, where she could offer her children the comfort and safety they need. Madalina’s income from the shop is too small to qualify for a bank loan and the monthly payments would in any case be too much for her to afford.

Having been selected as one of the beneficiary families at BIG BUILD, Madalina believes her children’s lives will be better from now on:”Words can’t describe how I feel. My prayers were answered.”