Over $ 2 million to improve Roma housing conditions in Romania


Habitat for Humanity Romania, an NGO whose mission is to eradicate poverty housing, invested in the last 18 years over $ 2 million to improve housing conditions in Roma communities. More than 5,000 Roma children and parents from 30 communities across the country enjoy now a better place to live and have access to education and health. This was made possible with the support of 1,500 international and Romanian volunteers who help building simple, decent and affordable homes on Habitat for Humanity Romania worksites.

90% of Roma families are living in severe poverty, according to a 2011 study financed by the European Commission. Material deprivation leads to precarious living conditions. A large number of Roma dwellings are made from mud and straw; they don’t have access to running water, sewer and gas, and endanger the health and education of parents and children. More than that, many Roma families live in overcrowded homes, together with their parents and relatives.

“The housing problems faced by vulnerable groups can be solved only if there will be implemented a national strategy for poverty reduction with a component of decent housing. NGOs, public institutions and private sector should work together to break the circle of poverty, and implement integrated programs to provide access to decent housing, education and health”, said Mario DeMezzo, national director of Habitat for Humanity Romania.

Habitat for Humanity works along international and Romanian corporate volunteers to provide vulnerable groups with a simple, decent and affordable house.

Programs for Roma in 2015

In partnership with OMV Petrom, Amare Rromentza CSMC Association, Habitat for Humanity Romania builds in Boldesti-Scaeini, a poor Roma community, a passive community center unique in Europe. Through zefiR. Together for Empowerment program Habitat for Humanity Romania helped so far more than 200 Roma people with rehabilitation, refurbishment and distribution of building materials. Through ACCTA, At Home in Your Community program, Habitat specialists provide technical assistance in 10 communities.