HAB (Healthy and Accessible Buildings) is the program through which Habitat for Humanity Romania builds houses and community centers, home repairs and rehabilitations, provides consulting, trainings and assistance with energy efficiency building materials.

The building solutions offered by Habitat for Humanity start from the idea of simplicity, the art of building affordable by those inexperienced, with involvement of the beneficiaries and community through locally and globally volunteering. Everything is based on maximum efficiency, both to reduce costs to the minimum, accessible to low income families, but also to build economic housing in terms of energy.


Our houses (single family, duplex or quadruplex) are lightweighted structures built mainly of wood, after the American model.

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of wood houses


Since 1997 we have specialized in this type of construction, simple and effective. But we have a large number of projects in which we use Wienerberger Porotherm brick.

Useful areas of the new house ranges from:

28 sqm (single parent homes)
45-55 sqm (single family homes)
70 sqm (housing for families with children).
From this point of view, Habitat for Humanity homes are at the lowest housing space standards in Romania and the European Union. A number of single-family homes are built with an attic, so the growth of the family won’t lead to overcrowding.

The houses have all the necessary, bathroom, independent electric and heating system (central heating unit, using wood or gas, depending on the area).

*The cost of Habitat for Humanity Romania house is about 20,000 euros, which is the price of the construction materials. The beneficiary must pay this cost over a period of 20 years, in monthly rates, no profit. The same principle applies to renovations, rehabilitations and assistance with building materials. The only difference is the payback period which is between 3-5 years. Read here how you can qualify for a Habitat for Humanity house in Romania.



Habitat for Humanity is building not only houses, builds communities. The construction and renovation of public buildings provide access to education and health for the whole community (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, community centers) are a good example of how we understand revitalization of the community, concept which, in time, eradicates substandard housing.

We know how to involve local people in construction activities, they volunteer on our sites, develop trust in the project and a sense of belonging – know that the center belongs to them and must take care of him in the future.