Building together for the community

For the project “Building together for the community,” developed together with Timken Foundation and City Hall of Ploiesti, Habitat for Humanity Romania will build from 2015 to 2016, 8 houses in Ploiesti, in quadruplex system.

Habitat for Humanity Romania began in May 2015 the construction of the first quadruplex, together with international and Romanian corporate volunteers. Since then, more than 300 international and Romanian corporate volunteers (Raiffeisen Bank, P&G, Adobe, Henkel Germania, JTI, Discovery Networks) have worked together with the beneficiary families at building the houses

The first quadruplex will be done in June 2016 and in March-April 2016 will start the construction of the next quadruplex.

Four families have already been selected for the first quadruplex. The selection process for the next four families will begin in February 2016.

”The selection criteria and details about the application procedure”

The selection criteria for the first 4 houses in Ploiesti 

Habitat for Humanity Romania supports families living in difficult conditions and help them break the cycle of poverty. A family to be eligible needs to:

(1) be in urgent need of housing;

(2) have the possibility of paying monthly rates, without interest, without profit, the Habitat for Humanity Romania house.The monthly income of the family must be between 1,500 lei and 2,500 lei / family. The selling price of a Habitat for Humanity Romania house for a period of 20 years, is 110,000.00 lei (+ 10%);

(3) contribute with voluntary work at the construction of the house.

To apply, you need the following completed forms:

Habitat for Humanity operates in Prahova County since 2009 by building and renovating houses for disadvantaged families and with interventions at the heating systems to reduce fire risks. In 2015, an energy independent community center was inaugurated in Boldesti- Scaeni.


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