Empowering communities



Together with our partner Kaufland Romania, we are empowering the communities at risk of natural disasters (earthquakes, floods and snowstorms) and domestic disasters (fire caused by electricity and heating malfunction).

Over the course of eight months, through the project “Empowering communities we will be active in vulnerable communities in Bucuresti-Ilfov, Iasi and Bacau Counties. What we will do:

  • Training for 3,000 highschool students. They will learn, through interactive activities, the right behavior before and after an earthquake or fire.
  • 400 families who live in disadvantaged areas will be helped to remove the improvisations in their heating and electrical installations, which currently put their life at risk.
  • 300 intervention kits will be purchased, in order for Habitat for Humanity Romania to quickly intervene in case of disasters.
  • An awareness campaign, through which at least 250,000 people will be informed about the steps they need to take in order to save their lives and others in case of earthquakes and fire.


With this project, we are developing an integrated resilience model, through which we are strengthening the capacity of disadvantaged communities to quickly rehabilitate themselves after disasters. The inhabitants of a a resilient community are educated to have a preventive behavior and their homes, the first long term “victims” in case of disasters, are protected and safe.
The model of the resilient communities needs to be multiplied and promoted on a national level, in order to avoid the loss of lives and important material damage. We thank our partners, ISUJ Bacau for the support and Kaufland Romania, because they understood the importance of prevention and integrated action in communities at risk.
(Gabi Pascal, Manager Program Disaster Risk Reduction and Response)