They climbed a 28 floor building to raise money for working on Habitat for Humanity’s construction site

Liceeni, coordonați de profesori, au pregătit vizita în România încă de acum o jumătate de an. 6

38 students from several high schools in Northern Ireland and Germany are working on Habitat for Humanity construction site in Ploiesti in order to give the chance to start a new life to several families with low income. Students with ages between 16 and 18, are working during  June 29 -July 4 at the brick structure for the four houses build in quadruplex system by Habitat for Humanity Romania in Ploiesti.

Students, coordinated by teachers, prepared their visit in Romania half year ago. They organized different events for raising the money they needed to cover their logistics costs, but also the donation that will help building the houses in Ploiesti.Ross Moore, 17 year old form Northern Ireland baked cakes and sold them to her relatives and neighbours.  Five brave boys climbed the tallest building in Northern Ireland, Obel Tower from Belfast As a reward, a local company sponsored their trip to Romania.  Other students raised a part of the money from the tip received at the cash registers in supermarkets, where they helped the buyers to put their food in the shopping bags.

The volunteers are excited about Romania and about the effort they joyfully put  on the construction site. “The first impression is that Romania is a beautiful and welcoming country. The hard work is compensated by the extraordinary atmosphere on the construction site and the Habitat for Humanity workers that help us at every step”, said Ana Coogan, 17 year old, from Northern Ireland. “It is a very good cause to work for. It is a great satisfaction to see the progress of our work”, said Theresa, 18 years old, from Germany. The teacher that came with the students from Germany is at his fourth volunteer trip organized with Habitat for Humanity Romania “I am glad to work with the students, building houses here. The friendly people make us feel great and to want to come back”, said Simon Brodie. After a week spent on the construction site, the volunteers will enjoy visits at Slanic Prahova, Bran and Bucharest.

Through the project “Building together for the community,” developed together with Timken Foundation and City Hall of Ploiesti, Habitat for Humanity Romania will build from 2015 to 2016, 8 houses in Ploiesti, in quadruplex system. Habitat for Humanity Romania began in May 2015 the construction of the first quadruplex, together with international and Romanian corporate volunteers. Since then, more than 200 international and Romanian corporate volunteers  have worked on the site building the houses.Low-income families in Ploiesti can apply for a Habitat for Humanity house before 30.06.2015. Eligibility criteria and details abou the application procedure may be found on the Association’s website following the  link.

Habitat for Humanity operates in Prahova County since 2009 by building and renovating houses for disadvantaged families, by building an energy independent community center in  Boldesti- Scaeni and by interventions at the heating systems to reduce fire risks.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.