Summer vacation on the construction site. Students from Norway are building houses in Ploiesti on Habitat for Humanity’s worksite.


10 students from a high school in Norway are spending a week of the summer holiday working at Habitat for Humanity’s site in Ploiesti. The students raised money throughout the year to cover the logistics costs, but also to make a donation that will help building 8 houses in Ploiesti.

„Habitat for humanity has been an eye opening experience for us. Participating in the hard work that is required to build a house was really made us realize how much we take for granted and how we just assume that everyone has the same opportunities as ourselves, however we have realized that is not true. Therefore we really appreciate everything Habitat does and we are very happy to be a part of it.” said Celina johansen, student at Skagerak International School.


The students came to Romania together with two teachers, who have led and encouraged them to volunteer.

„It is a wonderful experience to bring a group of students from Norway to Romania to take part in Habitat for Humanity. The students have given up a week of their holidays and countless hours raising donations for this project, as they see it as a great way to help others and grow as individuals.  The have enjoyed interacting with the local workers and learning Romanian along with some construction techniques from these locals, which they now call friends. With a few more days ahead of them, they push through the aches and bruises as their big hearts and compassion guides them to push, lift and build.” said Graham Smith, Mathematics and Physical Education Teacher at Skagerak International School

For the project “Building together for the community,” Habitat for Humanity Romania  will build from 2015 to 2016, 8 houses in Ploiesti, in quadruplex system. Habitat for Humanity Romania began in May 2015 the construction of the first quadruplex, together with international and Romanian corporate volunteers. Since then, more than 170 volunteers have worked on the site building the houses.

Low-income families in Ploiesti can apply for a Habitat for Humanity house until 30/06/2015. The selection criteria and details about the application procedure can be found on the website following the link.

Habitat for Humanity operates in Prahova County since 2009 by building and renovating houses for disadvantaged families and with interventions at the heating systems to reduce fire risks. In 2015, an energy independent community center was inaugurated in Boldesti- Scaeni.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.