The project “zefiR. Together for the power of action.” wants to improve the access to education and healthcare for over 20.000 people living in the rural areas, from 12 different communities, in three counties in the South-West of Romania: Olt, Dolj, and Gorj.

 Communities engaged in zefiR project

  • Olt: Gradinari, Slatina, Piatra-Olt, Caracal
  • Dolj: Filiasi, Negoi, Barca, Ocolna (Amarastii de Jos)
  • Gorj: Bumbesti-Jiu, Targu Carbunesti, Baia de Fier, Polovragi


”The renovations of a building roof in Caracal BIG BUILD 2014″

Habitat for Humanity Romania, together with volunteers from the community, BGS employees and partners from zefiR project. Together for empowerment have renovated the roof of one of the buildings in Carpati Ghetto from Caracal.

Over 200 children and parents, that live in 2 buildings in Carpati Ghetto in Caracal need urgent help. The two units built in the 1960s, are in an advanced state of deterioration and in need of complete renovation, including plumbing, electricity, sewage, thermal insulation and landscaping.

Gerard Corr, Ambassador of Ireland in Romania,  Thomas Stauffer, Head of the Swiss Contribution Office for Romania, together with Mario DeMezzo, national director of Habitat for Humanity Romania and Eduard Ciocazanu, mayor of Caracal all participated at the opening event of the construction site.

“World Habitat Day ”, celebrated worldwide, is for us an opportunity to talk about the need of decent housing in the world and in Romania. The right to decent housing is a basic human right and we are promoting this for 6 years now with BIG BUILD, an event that, this year, is happening in 5 cities in the country. We are glad to help children and parents from Carpati Ghetto to have a better, healthier life.” said Mario DeMezzo, national director of Habitat for Humanity Romania.

”Piatra Olt renovations”

The zefiR Build took place in Piatra Olt from 21st to 23rd of May, 2015 and 35 volunteers helped at the renovation of the houses. Now three families have a better place to live. Helped by Habitat for Humanity experts, volunteers from the Swiss Embassy in Romania, local authorities and partner organizations in the project helped to replace roofs, woodwork and improving the structure.

Adam family is one of the families that received our help and also they worked next to volunteers on the site. The parents, Radu and Irina, together with their 4 children, live in small house, with only 2 rooms. Many times, the children had to go to school with their clothes wet, because it was raining in the house. “It is very hard for us, my husband is working without a contract. We managed to buy some materials, but that is all”, said Irina.

Marc Bruchez, Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Switzerland in Romania, county prefect of Olt Silviu Neacsu, and Tudor Udrescu mayor of Piatra Olt all participated in the zefiR Build event. Representatives of partner organizations in the project included: Habitat for Humanity Romania, Terre des hommes, Amare Rromentza Foundation, Together Agency, PACT, Pestalozzi Foundation and SASTIPEN.

In Piatra Olt, roma community has serious problems with the housing. Most of the houses are built of burnt bricks and are in an advanced state of deterioration. In 70% of  the cases, the families live in overcrowded houses and are not connected to the water supply network, which jeopardizes their health.

”Caracal kindergarten rehabilitation”

Over 40 Roma children are learning at RomRom kindergarten in Caracal (neighborhood know as Fanarie). It is the first kindergarten where native language is teached. Due to the deterioration and bad sanitary facilities, most likely the kindergarten will be closed.

In Fanarie community are many Roma children, from families with poor financial situation. Many parents are unable to buy their children clothes and shoes needed to go to kindergarten. In case the kindergarten will be closed, the rate of dropout will increase.

With the help of international and romanian corporate volunteers, Habitat for Humanity began the renovation of the kindergarten.

About the project

Project “zefiR. Together for the power of action.” is the initiative of a consortium coordinated by Terre des Hommes and formed of Amarre Romentza, Împreună Agency, PACT Foundation, and Pestalozzi Foundation. Habitat for Humanity and SASTIPEN have also joined the project as associated partners..

zefiR is based on an integrated approach regarding health and education, as priority areas of operation, alongside accommodation – as a complementary field, based on community development as a cross-cut approach. The beneficiaries and the other members of the 12 communities are involved directly in all the stages of the implementation, from the analysis of the community needs, to the impact assessment, with wide participation of all the interested stakeholders. www.zefirincomunitate.ro

The project  is co-financed by a grant of CHF 2,997,215 from Switzerland with the help of the Swiss Contribution