CEO Build

Leadership in action

CEO Build is a unique event that brings together business leaders, authorities and members of civil society, with the aim of improving access to decent housing solutions and drawing attention to social housing policies in Romania. For 27 years, we are dedicated to building decent housing for low-income families in Romania. At global level, we have helped over 59 million people through the construction, rehabilitation or conservation of their homes. 

Under the motto “Leadership in action”, we are set to build 4 new homes for the local community in Berceni, Prahova County, support another 100 families in Romania in accessing better housing and promote social and affordable housing policies in the country. 


CEO Build pillars 

  • Construction: The participants are actively involved in the construction of 4 houses in the Berceni community, Prahova County.
  • Mission support: We aim to support other +100 families from Romania that are currently enrolled in HFHRO’s programs, through various housing solutions.
  • Leadership influence and Networking: The event provides an excellent platform for leaders from various fields to share ideas and develop sustainable partnerships for a better future and promote social and affordable housing policies in the country.



Agenda of the event:

* The agenda is updated in real time as we confirm the participation of our guests. 


Confirmed participation:



Contact person:

Ioana Sprangate, Communication & PR Manager