The Dima family


The Dima family is a beautiful family, blessed with two boys and two girls. The children have learned from their parents not to give up and hardship has taught them to be united. Even though the parents don’t have a solid school education, the kids are ambitious and have very good results at school. 17 years ago, due to an inheritance/ownership dispute, they were forced to give up their part and move out to live in a place where they would pay rent.

Too soon, at only 50 years, the father has died because of a ruthless disease. This was only two years ago. Since then, Claudiu-Ilie, age 24, is the head of the family and the supporter of his mother. Matured too soon, he learned what it means to take care of a big family as theirs and in the same time he went on to study at the university and working at the same time. He’s working as a machinist and he’s a student in the fourth year at the Naval Academy “Mircea cel Batran”.After classes, his younger brother, Bogdan-Gabriel, age 17, who is a good student in the 9th grade at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza – Navrom school in Constanta, helps him at work The mother, Luciana-Laurentia, age 47, didn’t work while the kids were small, but in the last two years she has been working as a maid at the school in Constanta because now she can count on her daughters – Roxana-Elena age 12 and Bianca-Cristina age 11 – to take care of the household. They are very good learners and hard-working students. They go to school in Cumpana and are in the 6th grade, respectively 5th grade.

They wish to be a part of the “habitat” family, to have a home they can call their own, especially taking into consideration the fact that their father – may he rest in peace – has helped on the building sites from 2006, when the first house was built in Cumpana.