The Luzinschi family


A young family – Sorin, age 36 and Dana-Iuliana, age 29 – is looking with hope towards future.

Their girl – Ioana, age 5 – is going to kindergarten, she loves dancing and she’s all smiles.

They live at Dana’s parents, who are working abroad. Sorin is working as a docker, with a salary that isn’t allowing him to save enough to afford a home of their own.

Dana isn’t working, she’s taking care of their little girl and her grandmother – age 87 – who can’t leave bed due to sickness and is living with them in the same house.

Dana’s parents want to come back home but the house hasn’t got enough space for all the members of the family.

They’ve put their hope in Habitat for Humanity and they can’t wait for the key to their own home.