The Vasiliu family


15 years ago, Ionut, age 35, and Elena, age 38, united their destines hoping that life would reserve them only happiness. Only it didn’t turn out that way. The first four years they lived with the parents of Ionut, in Cumpana. Both worked – he as a driver and she as pastry master. Hardship began when their first child was born, Alexandru-Gabriel, and tension between parents and children has taken unwanted proportions.

The next two years they lived with Elena’s parents in the village Pantelimon where they didn’t find work as that is an agricultural village. They decided to move closer to the city and lived for a year in the village Vadu. Here Felix-Florentin was born in 2008.

The sister of Ionut, who is working abroad, proposed them to live in her house in Cumpana.

Until now they’ve moved four times and it was always difficult for them to pack their things and move. They wish to have a place of their own but even more important is the stability for their boys. The children are going to school in Cumpana, 1st grade and 8th grade, and they wish to have their own room, in their own house.

They are diligent people and they are working since they were 18 years old, but their salaries aren’t high enough to allow them to buy a house. They’ve heard of Habitat for Humanity, they applied for a house,they met the criteria and here they are!