Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity Romania is one of the most motivating experiences of social involvement. Volunteers work on a construction site building homes together with team members and homeowner families and at the end of the day they can actually see the results of their work. More importantly, the volunteering experience has an incredibly positive effect, provides a unique feeling of inner peace and a deeper sense of balance. 


Every year, Habitat for Humanity Romania has almost 1200 international volunteers and 800 corporate ones. In the last 18 years, 26000 international volunteers and Romanian corporate ones worked together on the construction sites to build simple, decent and affordable homes for people in need.

More and more companies from Romania are adding volunteering programs as part of their corporate social responsibility strategy. More than 40 companies are bringing their employees on the construction sites to help others have a better living, but it will also help build relationships within teams and boost company morale.


Volunteers who come on our worksites cover all their logistics costs (accommodation, meals, transportation, recreation, protective equipment and coordination costs) and additionally come with a substantial donation to support the need for decent housing in Romania. The work of our volunteers and donations have helped thousands of people to have a better place in which to live and raise their children safe.

Safety on the worksite

The safety of our volunteers comes first. To be a volunteer on our worksites, you only need to know how to use the hammer. Volunteers are guided step by step by  Habitat for Humanity Romania experts. Before working on the site, each volunteer is going through a safety program and protective equipment shall be supplied: helmet, goggles, dust mask.


If you are an individual and you want to come with some friends on the worksite, write us at voluntar@habitat.ro.

If you represent a company and you want to involve your colleagues in volunteer activities and teambuilding, write to us at iolanda.burtea@habitat.ro.

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